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antagonis side of me

I have issues,,, there’s something on my head rite now! Extra sensitive! I have love hatred relationship with someone! ‘that thing’ had judging me brutally! May I say here “owh I like ‘that thing’ because ‘that thing’ is very sensitive person because this and that” I will not! Should I be blamed for saying no? should I be blamed if I don’t want to?! YES! I have the right for my own self ur ‘that thing’!

I remain silent because I mad! I farther apart because I hate ‘that thing’! yes im creating drama being unpredictable girl here!

What a friend if not respecting others decision? I respect ‘that thing’ decision for a lot of times! Why when its my turn for something that I do I have to say yes? Naah,,, I say no and I be blame!

Ya I know sure all bad things are spoken aite?

Please ‘that thing’~ have a life by saying NO!

Im sorry but I have to say here that there are people in my life that can interfere or I can consider thinking twice of my decision and definitely not from ‘that thing’ you kene sembur nanti!

That’s people, I ve learned a lot y’all,,, this people is nice to you when you have something that is beneficial or may I say pleasure them,,, they hail you like queen even you doing definetley wrong even you scold them before their face! I ‘ve learned!defenitely! and if you have nothing to pleasure them they still ‘friends’ but like a stray friends,,, u have problems that u don’t wanna share they will try to sneak and interfere with people around me!

Hey ‘that thing’ go get life!!!

I know im being exaggerate,,,
I need my love
Those who I love rite this moment,,,
I need them to counsel me
or maybe i need a cat

3 people have to say a little bit of something:

{ nurainaakabil } at: July 22, 2008 at 9:35 PM said...

kireen..saya pening..apakah "itu benda"..huhuhu..

jgn la moody2..saya pening..ehehe..

lama tidak kelihatan kamu

{ ain syakirin hanaffi } at: July 24, 2008 at 12:35 PM said...

"that thing" is someone from the past who's coming back and insisting me to do something that i dont want
(vulgar word) x paham ker org x suke,,,
suke org sbb beneficial to "that thing" je and menambah sakit hati
malas nak layan "that thing" yg (vulgar word)

apa punya org!
geram aku!

{ ain syakirin hanaffi } at: July 24, 2008 at 12:36 PM said...

opps luper "that thing" = orang meroyan!
i had enuf of "that thing"

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