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my holiday

For the past month I filled up my days with reading books other then being full time couch potato. I finished read three books, two Malay books and an Indonesian book.
Bumisari is an Indonesian book. Aku paham dong! Story about friends who still stick together even dah beranak-pinak.
Hatimu Aisyah is actually bought by my father when I was in standard 6 I think. Read it over and over again. About this Aisyah life since she was young till old. Malay Oshin I would say. How she struggle with her life, finding a new place to live with her family to somewhere the Japanese will not know. How she help took care of her sibs. How she caught the eyes of her future mother-in-law. It is interesting how our ancestor find the daughter in law,,,very unique and very Malay I would say, with all the adat-adat and pantang larang. Everybody should read it.
Mimpi seorang Hartawan
is a compilation of short stories. Very deep…. Takes time to finished it… hehehe
Other than that we have been visited by Tante Yuntri and friends from Indonesia. They all are very nice and crave for roti canai and teh tarik and eager to know how to make curry. A very big thank you to Khair coz sudi bring tante-tante to our teratak.

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