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Our heaven on earth: paint grill

The developer's architech must be thingking something a bit different. Our house design at the back is quite bare.

I fall in love with it. I always wish for open concept kitchen or having an open access backyard. My husband in the opposition side. So he dont quite like it.

However i have to admit, as far as i love it im sure im gonna hate it when it will ruin my kitchen cabinet soon due to rain. I understand that this will make a perfect laundry area but i do not want my messy kitchen (where we decide to make it a dry kitchen) expose to the guest thus we transform it as wet kitchen.

My husband came out with a brilliant idea to incorporate my love of outdoor light and open concept kitchen. He had an awesome idea to use louvre and windows.

1. Safety
2. Privacy
3. Wife loved it

The original grill is in chocolate then we painted them white. For a cleaner look. And to match with the louvre. It has another 20% to finish. A frosted window sticker for privacy. Then we are done! This is our first DIY. I bet there will be more DIY soon.

2 people have to say a little bit of something:

{ Nurul Ilyani } at: April 30, 2013 at 7:55 AM said...

sis dok Desa Saujana ye...me also...salam perkenalan...ade join group FB x?hehe

{ ain syakirin hanaffi } at: April 30, 2013 at 11:54 PM said...

Haah, salam perkenalan juga.... Hi jiran. K x join la x tau pun ada hee...

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