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Wishlist #3: International Vacation - Spain (Dubai-Madrid)

I should strikethrough my international vacation in my wishlist right?

It wasn't a plan at all. it all came out out of a sudden.
My husband have urgent work on 2nd raya in Spain his friend could not make it and tadaaa... myself as replacement... yeahhh

Though i was like acting as a trainee and follow my husband to site but its all worth it.

The journey took on 2nd raya at 2am and transit at Dubai to Madrid from KLIA.

We have not spend much time in Madrid but for me I opt for the view instead of shopping. I thanks Allah for it (at least I cannot be declared bankrupt just yet) so here it is. And I believe that when you set your mind to go and see, feel, embrace the other side of the world I am very sure you will not tempted to shop. At lease I do. Dah niat untuk pegi lihat rasa view of Spain.

In a nutshell what I can describe Madrid is a metropolis city in a well maintained historical building with a modern lifestyle. The building blend in very well in between Modern & Historical architecture. A must visit for the one who love architecture, photography, shopping & night life. In term of food, we cant give any review as we are have limitation of time to discover. But enough for us with how their government maintain the old building or maybe replicate to blend with the old. Wish this happen in KL, Penang, Ipoh, Melaka, Johor, Cameron Highlands & Sarawak as we know where the whites were before.

Enjoy the some of the pics.

::Should not miss this handsome guy @ Dubai airport::

:: Need to buy this sangatla murah compared in Malaysia @ Dubai airport::
::crossing continents::


:: a Espatero el Pacificador, Seville::

::Banco Espanol de Credito::

:: shoes-made in spain ::

 :: Metropolis ::

:: Somewhere in Madrid ::

:: Madrid Apartment ::

:: Museo de la Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Farnando ::

:: Centro ::
:: Rege Corulo Roundabout ::
:: Kebab ::
:: A park in Madrid full of grafitti ::

:: Clock ::

I wish I could snap on the bull ring building. It is huge.

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{ fixa_kiyoki } at: September 26, 2012 at 8:41 PM said...

hai kirn its been a while tak jenguk ur blog.. gr8 to know that u r fine nowadays. mcm ayat skema kan.. keep on updating, ske baca kisah idup pas smua org dh grad. hahaha..

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