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Wishlist #3: International Vacation

See... I did told you that my wishlist is very dynamic... So im now not aiming at HK but anything internationalle!

So another wishlist fulfilled. We had early vacation this year. Which wasd Singapore using travel agent so i dont have so much planning to do only our clothes and some currency exchange thingy.

We had a very fun time at Universal Studio Singapore as soon as we touch down at Changi from LCCT via Tiger Airways (told by my cousin it actually cost us only RM60 return!).

People adviced to bring food as the food are expensive inside and also the water.

But heck we are so hungry and there are lot of halal food inside uss. U r traveller just had at least a try.. The food was great! They have proper prayer room too. The surau located in between the mummy's and sci fi area. Wuduk places also provided and separated between lelaki & perempuan. Telekung pun ada so no worries.

Sila pergi songs of the sea at soluso beach. Can be access free via tram near USS. Only at night!

We decided not to go to the zoo and berjalan-jalan di arab streets, Bugis streets, orchard road, & geylang. We end up with crusing the river.

One thing i love about Singapore is their unique architecture. How they blend the old architecture with a new one!

One thing i pity about are the senior citizen still working due to high living cost here. Jangan terperanjat when an aso lap dan kemaskan meja makan.

Another thing i like is the shopping mall. So enough said lah.

We are automatically end up as discipline travellers. No littering, no smoking no so many things...

In their MRT station, tong sampah adalah benda terlarang... They dont have it there due to over paranoid that people will put bomb in it. And the underground are huge. I mean really huge.

The foods are so so... Mungkin kami pegi salah tempat but we did ate their famous halal food.

Zam zam murtabak singapore @ arab st.
The teh tarik putu piring @ geylang
Kacang pool mustafa @ geylang serai market.

The zam zam is the must have.

Our package on cost for RM550/person that include flight ticket, USS, hotel & transport to & from airport for 3d 2n.

Makan, transport, cruise & song of the sea we accumulate dlm RM200. So ok la. Now duduk diam-diam kat umah.

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