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For people who knows me blisely they definitely notice my love towards magazine.

As far as i can remember, one of the first magazine was kuntum, gila-gila, ujang, mangga, urtv, remaja, cleo, nona, wanita, dara.com and now i stick to 2 mags per month! If only i coukd restrained myself for not buying more.

Now Glam & Glam Deko is a must!

I read from back cover to the front. Y? Its a habit.

I will buy a mag even when i am in different country...

You may know whats in whats not on that country and compare them with my own country...

But the main problem when i hv a pile of mags that i reread during free time and reluctant to sell them to the old newspaper fella.

Im kinda wish the publisher have an idea to sell them as e book with a price as real mag.

Right then i will consider for an ipad or anything almost the same as ipad just to transfer my obsession to somehow that can reduce habuk n that not taken my time of rearrange them and taken my space and to avoid clutter.

::cosmopolitan indonesia, bought during my visit::

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