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Mera Naam Joker

i was at home, alone try my best to finish up that PILE of WORKS that i already knew that i unable to settle it in one day.

I refuse to go out and there is no one.

As i keep changing channel one by one from astro 101 i give 1 min each or depends on the title.

then when i select 108 (zee channel) i saw this one lady in very nice baju (chanel-ish) the design of the clothes very audrey-hepburn kinda like (that might be the years... im not so good in years nih)

she act as a teacher Mary in My Name is Joker a hit hindi movie on its era.

i ve seen this movie before when i was little ( where hindi movies show up on Friday evening in TV2 and Saturday TV3)

i remember my mak (yg take care of me when i was little... mak rindulaa dgn mak).. mak will open this channel and we are not allow to change the channel pun so we all ( yg mak bela time tuh) will sit down after lunch and watch the movie until we fall asleep... another way to make us fall asleep (kalau bukak cartoon sure terbeliak mata kan)

so there are few old hindi movie yang i tau...
those days the hindi movie keep on repeating...
so as i writing this im singing ' john, johnny, jonathan parampam pam pam paaammmm~'


back to mera naam joker, i try to search the picture of teacher Mary so that i can share with you all the fashion review. heheheh...

so for those who love a proper clothes clean cut, audrey, kennedy, chanel, elegance, poise do watch this movies for inspiration... i love the clothes...

everyday wears, the wedding gown, the pearls, the make up .. she just soooo lovely... very elegance very poise... she is just simply stunning....

try to download it down....

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