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I havent said about my resolution for 2010 kan?

ok in my case its never too late too make new resolution

azam everyday pun x per... at least in a day pun u ada target to achieve...

therefore... i lupa nak bgtau n hope everybody would like to put this as one of their azam for this year...

i want to be GREEN this year... (relevantly green)

x derlaa everyday pakai baju warna hijau

i want to make sure my herb garden berjaya... ye masih, sedang dan berusaha... (ada x saya cerita pokok tomato saya mati??... yer setelah 3 minggu sy tidak melawat mereka... barangkali merajuk)

i will try to use less plastic bag

switch off light when not in use n all yang related lah kan?

sy cube utk mengkompos n mengrecycle

semoga berjaya...

maka ada label baru utk post seperti ini....

*** no more but keep on green ***

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