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Solution 1 for super dry skin

my Superman is the first one who gave me suggestion,,, he search for the answer as soon as he read my blog,,,

So my Superman forward to me via text regarding one of the solutions,


1) use soap free soap
2) choose hypoallergenic
3) prefer the unscented
4) choose soap that contain cream or fats

i used to use milk bath, but my mom cant coz it makes her skin itchy (pulak), so i opt for something that both can use (however i knew she will not like it very much)

but i have to do the trial n error
i my self will be the test rat

bukan apa pon
i choose sumthing that remind me of childhood time

cute jer,,, mcm nak jadi baby mandi dlm bath tub
i bought the refill package coz it can be divided into two, so that one will be inserted in a bottle at my parents bathroom the other one for my usage.

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