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We struggle for years just to wear those thick robe under the heat of afternoon sun!

Tgk baju tuh, banyak nyer (xcuse my habit susun baju ikut kaler tuh yek)
tgh carik baju konvo yang dah lama siap n x pernah pakai kecuali hari ini ketika amik gambar distudio. pakai sekejap jer

Tomorrow is our konvo, as me and my friends will gather together after a long distance between each other and rarely msg and calling. Old stories kept as memories. Whether the stories were good or bad, those thing help us where we stand for tomorrow.

With these ceremony of graduation, everybody will start talking how everyone start as a friend. Remember the white coloured tudung and classes and friends that met them or maybe just a simple smile in a toilet the friendship is still going on strong. Or maybe from hating the soon going to be her/his bestie at first will make us fill warmer. We care about each other (deep down we thanks facebook and friendster and ym and msgr and etc) though we far, bz and x msg at all.

But there always some bad memories cross our mind here and there but i bet we dont care. What we noe to live at tomorrow is smile, take picture, hugs parents and friends, received flower or watsoever for our graduation, received congratulations from everybody and ourself and gedik and stay gorgeous under the heat of sun for one day with the x mau tanggal robe yang tebal thats we struggle for years to wear it.

Sayang2ku,(as for all, my friends, my no longer friend if there any, my hi hi bye bye friends, my i dunno what your name friends, my friends that i just look and i noe you are from uia, friends of friends, semua2lah) im proud of you all as im proud to myself, whatever grades, major you get, you managed to get thru...

Congratulations!!!! sure gonna miss this place yang dulu i byk x puas hati here and that, tp biler dah habis i actually had a good time!

Hopefully esok x der yang terpeleot or mortar jatuh ker apa ker
(i kan a bit clumsy)

owh ya saya dpt 2 kad VIP and a normal kad for the day,,, hehehe,,, x, x saya bukan best student

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