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Dear Secret Admire II

wohoo,,, thinks get hotter,
now is not so chomel/sweet/ or anything yg seangkatan

As far as i knew, those days in secondary school i x de bf or who wuteva yg serupa dgnnya,,
my life is just with the girls,,, or maybe i cant recall cos it wasnt so important and i didnt think it was something something,,,

as what the "dearest" secret admire state at the chatty box as if he knew me and we've dated kan?

my friends pun confius so do i,,

ermm dear secret admire
i found someone who are the best to suit me well
u might be the mightiest best but i dont need that since i wasnt so best at all

My superman might be someone ordinary but somehow someone extraordinary to my sight, my heart and every one around me...

guess im not for you,,
and definetly you not for me,,,

you may find someone you know you worth crying too and worth fall in love with

as i am now,,, with the one and only My SUPERMAN,,,

and i know my family and friends agree with that

to "dearest" secret admire,,, good luck in finding your other half

p/s: i have no idea who are you anyway,,, so i cant recall anything that we shared

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