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Pasal raya lagi

yesterday, i did kemas superparents bilik

dgr Sorang2!

the oldies their furniture giler heavy, so just imagine the bed, the table the almari
sangat berat

i moved them

give a little fresh look
change everything

maroon and gold black

dah siap, when i start laying down, BACK PAIN
now i know why preggars jln kengkang
Backpain make you walk like that!

i hv story to tell
will update as soon as i upload the photos

owh FYI: my superparents doesnt have the any pangkat, the Puan Sri, Tan Sri just nak bg drama jer... x der niat nak berlagak o watsoeva tau
x der pangkat tau
datuk mungkin
itupun kalau supermom jadi nenek and any of us (the superchildren) give birth

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