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Janda dan berjaya

suddenly this thing cross my mind as i woke up from my sleep after sahur this morning.
i teringat a friend of mine told me a story of her bestfriend when we are otw to her bestfriend house quite sometimes ago. Let me just name my friend bestfriend as X. her bestfriend when they studied in their asrama. Still bestfriend until today. this is a true story and i am sorry if i left a little fact or two (or added a little fact or two) cause this story is told years back.

this story start here:

X mom and dad met at school at their hometown in Kelantan. She is a beuty and he is a brain. They love each other so much. They fall in love and make a promise to get married once X dad get back from his doctrate study somewhere (im not sure whether in or out of Malaysia).

X mom is a very beautiful woman, fair, and polite (sgtlah lemah lembut mcm my auntie kot, and my neighbour kat seblah nih... those Kelantanis girl that people always talk about,,, tp itu dulu kot now Kelantanis girl mungkin dah berbeza kot). X mom stayed home train to be a good wife while waiting for her chinta hati to come back with a Dr. title. Taking medicine is taking a lot of time of studying, so imagine how she always be patient about that.

Then the time come, X dad finished school get his Dr. and X mom cant wait to be his wife. They married to each other base on love. It took patient and loyalty from each other. they been blessed with three (or four kids). X is the eldest. so being a Dr. their time a bit hectic, so kids are more close with their mom.

X mom is a full time housewife, with the salary X dad get, he can afford to tanggung everybody in the family and house hold. But when X mom give birth of the youngest. This where the drama is start.

X mom always found out that her husband coming back late from his clinic and a bit cold. X mom is a very devoted mother and wife. She thinks that her husband try to make a living with the born of their new child. In the confinement period she still able to do the laundry and few small2 things ( she already hv 3/4 kids might be dah biasa). X mom found his husband shirt smell a bit weird. Though she think it is a smell of a women perfume she still firm with what her mind wanted her to say... she is dalam pantang maybe those senses of smell ada lari sikit later would be ok.

After confinement,X mom has the chance to go jalan2 with her husband and kids (owh lupa, she very devoted kan so very solehah, jarang kene matahari pesumer lah). X mom very terkejut she found a curly women hair on the seat beside the driver. She surely that wasnt her hair coz she has black straight hair.

Biasala she tried to figure out whos hair it was, then she remember that in her husband clinic they is a nurse with that kind of hair. but she didnt acuse anything, maybe her husband give her a lift or something.

Again another time in the car she found a lipstick in the car and it is not belongs to her. She dont wear that kind of colour. Her husband get uneasy, with a very polite manner she ask her husband who is the owner of this red lipstick? out of sudden her husband naik marah. he gives so much answer in temper until she also didnt know what is the answer.

But things getting worse day by day until she found out that the husband married to the nurse or the perempuan simpanan (he simpan the perempuan i mean bela lah). And she get divorced by the husband. With a court order, X mom is not qualified to take care the children then the husband need to take care them.

X mom who never works before in her entire life seek for a job and living with her good old friend that willing to help her. living in a small house, luckily the X mom's friend not getting married yet, so that she has place to stay. Room actually. With the help of X mom's friend X mom get the place to work as a clerk in the same office with her friend. A small chinese company.

X pula, living with the stepmother and her sibs. Though her step mother never dera her in phisically kind of way, but at the years of 7 or 8 like that she been asked by the stepmother to take care the 5/6 months year old babysib and chores. And X stepmother also suka exagarate the kenakalan of she and her sibs to her father. From her point of view, they x nakal langsung coz that woman kinda new people and she super duper garang!. So no one brani macam2 accept the little one who sometimes cry n meragam. Late night she is the one who wake up and make the susu for her babysib... how sad

Until one day, X stepmother told X dad that his kids are naughty as hell!she cant stand anymore and pursuade her husband to let the X mom take care of them.

One day they are asked to packed all of their things. X dad then come and bring them to a shop lot and ask his kids to stay they in front of the office during the lunch hour. The office is lock. with baby X hold tidely, hungry and blurry with other sibs just sits and waiting for something that she also x sure what will happen.

Then came a chinese man. Shockingly why there are kids in frot of his office. The chinese man ask X a lot of questions, until he found out that these are one of his employees kids who been left by her x-husband. He brought them into the office and bought them some food. While they eating X mom coming in after having some lunch with other colleague. X mom crying histerically because she is missing them so much. Due to unaffordable to travel across the state to see them for the past month, they come to see them in her office left by ungrateful husband. Imagine how sad is a mom when she saw her kids unruly hungry and blur plus with the baby.

After that, X mom bring them to the room she rented with her friends and others. a small room with a living people of 5. Just imagine that. X mom need need to handle her education whatever pun, how struggling pun X mom want X and X sister to go to school. Though X mom herself need to go to work and cant afford to send the youngests to a daycare. even the chepest one. She does sometimes bringthe kids to work until the boss say no to kids in the office.

They eat what they afford to eat. live in a small room with other people in the same house. small house. Everyday after school, she will come home and took her baby sibs from a neighbour house who willing to take care in the absent of X (meaning that until afternoon la,balik sekolah) and X will continue jaga her sibs until her mom comeback from work.
Though the live under this situation at least they happy. and sometimes do cry when her mom coming back late and receive a lot of work to support the family. Dad? better not them to even bother, her mom will get even madder and X mom hate him so much.

As a single mom, whenever kids demam or having problem a lot of mc and leave she took. the boss need to let her go, not because they not sympathize but they take risk and lost because of the performance. (ya lah, mak die keje siang malam kdg2 keje a bit slow and ketinggalan). X mom akur, she left and find another job. X mom's friend very baik she help b paying the rent of her room for a coupleof month. with the saving and all her mother open a business. Envelope business. until she has her own factory of making envelope (envelope yang mcm telekom bg, urusan seri paduka baginda mcm tuh)

now they live comfortably. still friend with friend that help them most tuh... very good indeed like their 2nd mom, even my friend kenal that auntie. Her mother can afford to live in a bungalow in subang ( known as high class neighbourhood in the 90s). X mom could build her family up without the well finance x-husband help.

X mom simpan cita2 to buy a new Mercedes e240 mata bulat (very popular and only can be afford by rich people back in 90s) maroon in colour. And she get it with her own money. However not so long, sangat baru, the car get stolen at the simpang near her house where X mom in it. They are two men coming from wira stop her and ask her to get out and then the car gone...

Her mother stunt! then get back nangis giler2! however a true business woman wont let any business to fly just like that. she have meeting that day then she took X car (kelisa) that full with soft toys at the back drive to a hotel and let the valet in charge of it. The valet man look like he geli to drive that small car that mad for keriangan, her mother get inside the car and park at the VIP lot! bengang with diskriminasi. The mercedes, no where to found... however her mom insist to get another the exact same one... X mom bought it a week after dat.happy =D

i arrived at her house in subang, big bungalow house. There are pics of X mother... giler cantik! sangat cantik! slim very korporate only that what i know X mom kalau cakap ada slang kelantan and not very good in English. She just divorced with her 2nd husband of a office clerk cum despatch. And her bibik just ran away coz her mother from a lemah lembut has turn into very perfectionist and kuat membebel. thats what X say.

X love her stepfather. She said he is so baik and her mother said he mmg baik. but X mom married him because X mom selalu diganggu oleh ramai org,,, laki org duda, bujanglah,,
tp nak buat mcm mn, her step father let her mom go because rasa rendah diri yg teramat sangat, di kata org oleh kwn2 X mom yang now include datin2 dato2,,, however the stepfather still do his thing as a dad. Now (i mean at the day i went to her house yg karpet bulu arnab tuh) her mother diminati oleh org yg sgt hensem and quite popular in korporat world, but kuat minum (alcoholic drinks). Her mother said she will only accept him if he tinggalkan tabiat tuh (though her mother said die x nampak pun mcm mamat tuh boleh tinggalkan tabiat tuh)

::Story ends::

Hopefully they living happily again with a father and husband yang baik utk diri X mom itu

p/s: bulu arnab itu mmg bulu arnab, X mom berjaya seludup... owh and X pernah melalui kehidupan pahit lain seperti ketika study di luar negara, bf tercinta mati eksiden,, tp now jgn bimbang die ada bf baru dah...

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{ ed haku-chan } at: September 7, 2009 at 10:00 PM said...

wuaaaaaaaahh..very dramatic la the story...i'm so touched and certain part really knocks my head down...i shud have been more grateful for what I have now...huhu..

a very good lesson indeed.. =)

{ ain syakirin hanaffi } at: September 8, 2009 at 11:58 AM said...

eda, i hv problem accessing yours, would you mind to invite me again so that v can xchange links

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