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a day after hari raya

today superdad little bro drop by to beraya since her wife had to go to KOREA for working purposes they also did not went back to kg. We having laksa my cheesecake and rendangs.

Tonight all from kg will beraya at our house and they demanding something different. they dont want to eat similar dishes. So my superdad offered a hand to make Kuzi and gulai darat for the guest, my supermom incharge on the briyani... my superchumel sis show her expertise in making spagheti bolognese, and moi myself compliment the sweet tooth of our guest with trifle and cocktail drinks...


yang penting, they said sedap sgt sgt sgt...
and this is our normal compliment from the guest

"kak bedah bestla anak dara dua, berketitas buat kerja, dapur kemas jer"

berketitas means cekap

no pic, x sempat la bz

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