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Parkson-sunglasses & watches Sales

Last saturday my superman and this supersexy woman went to Pakson Pavillion
the sales is up to 50%

this is my opinion for the sunglasses
there only few choice for my liking

for the watches
you might get a good catch
but anyway
my lovely darling superman bought a watch from tommy hilfiger brand
(watch die hilang dikebas perompak dahulu kala)

so this supersexy woman pun give a green light for the design
superb hensem
and cheap tooo

maka siler lah pegi
plus it is not crowded at all

p/s: i love my man(chet tetibe)
a little shout out to make
one of the darling kene posting keje kat johor
miss zara lampi a.k.a Aesha AKQ
and another akq is getting engaged
jia chumel a.k.a Ajie AKQ

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