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i got my first paycheck weeks ago
and now waiting for this month paycheck

when you start to handle your own money
start having commitment here and there
then u hv to be carefull to survive until the next paycheck

first u hv to put aside all the must pay money
to parents
for saving
PTPTN(if u r in my situation)
phone bill
and lot of other more

then u know how much left
if u want more money left
u hv to cut down your phone bill
u hv to cut down ur food intake
and a lot more
u will try to control ur money until the next paycheck
i bet later u know how to control it
even in a very small amount of money
u still can survive
believe me
now i understand
y my superdad always said
"dulu abah ada berapa ringgit jer biler dpt gaji bayar sana sini nak blikan awak susu semua tp abah pun x tau mcm mn boleh survive, nak kata x makan, makan, keluar jgak pegi jalan2 tp itu semua rezeki, insyaAllah ada walaumcm mn pun..."
biler kire2 mesti rasa mcm x cukup
but actually once u feel it not enough
u will control the flow and u will be end up manage to survive until the next paycheck
and u hv extra money from the last paycheck though it only rm2 left.

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