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Malaysia Prihatin

how prihatin we are to the others?
Malaysia government are trying their best to be prihatin as possible to the citizen
or might be organizations that built up to care for others
this is what i came across last weekend during the treasure hunting
i notice that on the tiles of the pedestrian walk they got a different colour and texture tiles

on the ocassion day v are blocking the routes
so came a blind girl accidently the stick touched us
so we help her get the route back
and salina told us that the girl is walking following the yellow tiles that got the textures
and there and then i baru tau
i tot sesaja jer
i am so not that prihatin
brickfield are known for the large community of indian, mamak and the blinds

so such as the monorails and the rapid kl they make mark for the easiness for these blind people

i once went to the blind school in setapak
and that is not for our own sake
its for the grade that we wanna get it for one of the subject we took
so i aint prihatin enough

we not involving in reformation of this country to make it harmonous, better and what so ever
but why we, the not-care-about-the-political-issues-and-the-parliement-issue not bother about living togetherness
at least being aware
of these little things
like me myself, i appointed to myself for not being able to see the sign people trying to tell

im not blind
but why i can't see that those little changes that someone try to explain
i cant get it

we just live for the sake of living in good life for our own life without helping others together living in the good life that we have

so selfish of me!

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