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what a sleepy head

yesterday i went to my first interview after along silent from the zillion companies that i applied
after a long interview with the CTO and than once i step my right leg to go out and the employee there slash his card for me to get out from the office
The CEO called for his turn to hantam me
he is quite garang


i mmg ada masalah dgn boss yg garang
boss stress sekali sekala x per yg marah2 sekali sekala tuh x per
ni yg mmg kompom garang
cakap ada stail
pelan very the like the boss from the devil wears prada
v know that kind is strict


i got the job anyway(x bgtau the darlings lagi)

start on monday
and tuesday i dapat half day jer but still he said once finished i have to rush to the office
dont 'toria'<--- he said, my first foreign word that... ohw how lucky

did i mention i kene blaja VB
no no
its is not about Victoria Beckham
but Visual Basic
he insist!
i did mention i x tau
he dont care
he said i ada basic programming
should be easier


sgt lama my superdad waiting downstairs
sgtlah lama
giler lama

so once i step out from the office n entered the lift
i menguap
mata berair2
ngantuk yg teramat sgt

i tot wanna tido in the journey bak home
but i keep smsing with salina so i cant sleep
sesampai jer kat umah i salin my 'interview' suit
and begin too tido

yap tido sampai pkul 3
makan solat
smp pkul 430 adikku mengganggu jiwa
cerita yg best pun jadi sgtlah mengantuk

maghrib tuh my mata again berair2
after mandi oso so best to tido

then i msg my brother
later on when he went out for futsal
balik blikan milo ais kaw
and kejutkan saya
if x bagn jgak spray dgn air

sbb slide ku x start buat lagi

namun apakan daya

masih jugak x berjaya
kecuali bangun sambil minum milo ais yg sedap

pastuh continue tido

bangun utk solat subuh
baru terhegeh2

bukak pc buat slide
arinih jugak kene jumpa my supervisor utk show my slides

and pegi lab betulkan tyhe output and amik telekung yg tertinggal dlm lab tuh


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