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steamy prawny

in MARCH, i went to two different steamboat restaurant:

Kak Eita Steamboat Sup Ekor (near Alpha Angle Wangsa Maju, opposite Mosque) for celebrating the darling AESHA for her belated birthday
Sabak Steamboat and BBQ (MRR2, Tmn Melati) just for celebrating ermm,,,, classmates,,,

comparing the two

price: not so much different, around rm30 per head n makan sampai mati

food: Kak Eita way tooo much choices (this is giler banyak)

seafood: definitely kak eita

non-seafood: kak eita sangat banyak!!!!

soup: Sabak better

drinks: kak eita,,, unique! not normal fresh juice,,,

freshness: lebih kurang

ambiance: kak eita!!! lampu x terang sgt so x malu sgt klau mkn banyak2,,, ada lagu2
but they said they hv life bands upstairs on certain days

service: agak sama, keramahan pun sama

extra: kak eita got surau, dah mkn solat sambung balik heehehe,,,, sabak i dunno
kak eita gives free cakes for birthday

however i enjoy eating at both places

opening hours for reservations: kak eita tgh hari; sabak petang

u make ur own choice which u think better

* i went to nelayan on august last year: in my opinion kak eita deserve more interm of food provided and its a different story when it comes to ambiance at nelayan

** i did say that i want to quit blogging but i guess for this i wanna to let it out

***pic will be uploaded if i rajin

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ainSafian at: April 1, 2009 at 11:59 AM said...

haha u're back! ;p

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