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she's leaving on a plane

shes leaving tonight!
sempat ke x hah!
hopefully my superman could finished up his work early today
if not kesian to me n to her
x dapat jumpa
i wanna see her before she go
going there for good

if i x sempat
this few words for you TYA

good luck
keep uploading pics and news from the blog
v all kat sini tgh struggle dieting jogging and swimming so u pun kene jgak
take care of yourself ok
kem salam kat ur azizul
n kak ja ur x rumate tuh kem salam
in case u are back later terjah je kitorg
plan2 nih x jadi

praying to see u,,,

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{ tya } at: March 8, 2009 at 10:25 AM said...

hey k,
im doing good in Melb..
well thanks for the post..
takpe...tak dtg..
tau korang bz..
miss u so badly

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