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i went to penang~

giler bapak best
but after vaca all sick and still in vaca mood
we went from 1st jan 2009 till the 4th

giler makan
giler shopping
i get what i want
jgn jeles aesha~
too cute to reveal
wont regrets i bought two of it
my friend bought shorts and a lot of shorts
shirts and lot of shirts
cds and dvds uncountable
eat till the stomach at maximum stretch!
cume that tomyam really a no no
jia ayaq campunq and cucuq at chowrasta giler shedap!
minah rempit jet skii deana,,,
giler rempit on the sea,,,
yea actually the incident in the middle of the sea tu mmg kitorg dah plan with abg hitam macho with 6 packs chinta hati sheen
because v know u belong to the sea
banana boat @ activity jegang tangan is shereen fav
kan sheen?
and padang kota pepagi buta with a lot of drunken masters mmg sejuk giler!
hingga ke tulang sumsum and v cuci mata
went to balai polis in the middle of the nite
and mandi laut hingga ditenggelamkan dgn sngaja oleh sheen
thank you soo much sheen
mmg sedap air laut tuh
susah nak cari kat mana2
from one end to one end
from the windy road to the unknown road
comfortable living aprtment and vehi
good drivers
best mate ever
money out like water
but no regrets
= maximum happiness
thousands of pics
and im officially
jessica alba in the outfit
and yes i am audrey hepburn with the kawaii hair,,,
giler perasan!

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