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i spread it out dah!

cant wait to hang out with my gorgeous darlings~
hot cer babe!

i went balik kampung on last weekend with my family
my cousin wedding
so tired
balik kelantan
soo fun
long journey paid off
with my lil bro yg mmg lawak giler
he is so funny
i guess nak suh die masuk raja lawak
next season
mereng attiq

there i read harian metro or metro ahad papaer
i saw tya with her bf (malaysian cyclist)
she's getting famous
good luck girl
have fun there
sorry cant make it that day

this week i will go to Kalumpang with the classmates(sisters only)
i don know where the hell is there
i just make myself free

my dad ask whether he can follow to c where i head to
n isaid no
there are a few sister dah pernah pergi
so dont worry
i already packed my bag just to kalumpang
anyway i never been to that place before
and this bunch of pretty girl anyway
usually v go to class chitchatting n going back to our own room n do our things

this is the chance
to be together
as classmate
coz i know
v might not seeing each other at all after this sem

midterm is coming
n i just dont bother
coz my birthday is on this month
aesha birthday on this month
yanie too
and of course mr lekesh

n this year going to be a busy year as what my mom said
yup busy
indeed so busy

actually i have this meeting with den
about mobile
so really need to go but den still not gerak
and i prefer to remain blogging

happy february everybody...
in advance

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