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kirin just had her shower,,,

im in my mansion,,, at last managed to arrive after all the challenges i've been through,,,
chewah! mid term jer,,, everybody,,, i think i did ok for my EIM midterm.

here i wanna say the highest gratitude to tenants at room 2 sumthing blok E kot heee for the hospitality and the late night talk that keep me wake till almost 4 am.

fitness first called asking whether i wanna go or not? i dont think so i will,,, its near damansara uptown cam malas jer,,,

Aringkinque gonna celebrate intan's birthday this Saturday,,,
tak aci i sedey x leh join,,, they celebrate for one whole day,,, ermm everybody cuti ek? my schedule for that day cannot accomodate one day programme lah i hv midterm on Monday,,,

and intan what time is ur convo?
her convo i kene datang (mmg dah diwajibkan utk sume) same goes to mine later,,, ermm except for deana,, urs too jauh,,,, nak bli ticket pun x mampu,,, though i hv program on that day,,,
so program manager i mintak datang lambat on the day ok,,, klau x bagi pun i terpaksa jugak or else i tarik diri,,, totally sorry,,,

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