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what should i buy

i was thinking to buy a new tote bag
bright yellow in colour
unfortunately rejected by my love of my life
he suggested another color will do

then i was thinking a new wedges
one of my favorite kind of shoes
since my sandal now nears its expiry date

or maybe a new parfum
i not buying it for quite sometimes
i used the existing
which nearly deserted

or should i bought jeans i found at time square
i was window shoppping and there is like bunch of jeans only for RM15
quality unknown size unknown

or a new cloth
i had this feeling i rotate my baju
need new one

or a book?
there is this one book i unsuccessfully finished chapter 2... yet...!

or should i just save it
fo future with darling?
opps,,, terlebih sudah,,,
what i mean is darlings~
those who feel they are my darling consider that its for you too,,,

i want to go home on the first day of second week
what da?
supermom n superdad are soo superb,,,!
cant leave them even for one day!
nak balik~
nak balik~
nak balik~

i'm not feelin good
about my own situation
right now
at this moment to be precise!

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