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a wed a meeting a report

went to iLyIa's wed tadi,,, she soo cute + baby bump of 3 months,,, chomel2
they in purple
we in purple too (MISS ZARA LAMPI & I)
the significant other went to his friend wed,,,(he busier than the groom)
if not i already tag him along

a wed = a rendezvous
a meeting with long lost friends of primary school
(cute! then we were lompat sana sini we dont even think about what willl happen to us about 15 years now)
everybody knows how to drive car hehehe
soo chomel,,,
she single
she in relationship
she complicated
he single
he browsing
he unknown status
me taken! =D
updating & gossiping
thanks to hafzul for the cakes n drinks
still studying n yet another year!
when will be yours?
when will be mine?
mine sooner,,, as soon as i can

a report that i left untouched
with nt a single alphabet i key in
the page remain blank
salina said she did for 40 pages
when the sem start tommorow
yes tommorrow

someone help motivate me
the evil M haunting me!

i will not go to cameron highland

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