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still in uia,,, n fyi at cc
shoot my pc hancur,,

to friends in the jungle,, why so worried with the previous post?! nothing to do with you guys and of course my aringkinque,,, just sumthing i wanna let out but something i didnt wanna share deeply though! just a hint,,, "someone from the past!"

Hail to deana for her upcoming birthday on 28th july,,, another year older babe,,,
pegi ronggeng ker or pegi melalak sampai subuh!

i need my crazy time

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{ nurainaakabil } at: July 25, 2008 at 10:29 AM said...


og coz la kami concern..like pelik la knapa mare2..we've guess oledy that might b someone is bothering u..like 'kacau2 kamu'..rupe nyer betols tekaan trsebot..ehik..anyways..biak p ler pervert tuh..org like that patot kene rejam ngan batu je..haha..

sayang la nk tuka phone num but just do what u think best 4 u la dear..

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